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Your responsibility as a member of Team Delta is to behave in a way that represents both the brand Delta Gym and your teammates in a respectful manner.

As a result of the growing interest for competitions in bodybuilding and fitness, Delta Gym has created a central network for our competitors, to give support, feedback and encouragement in the best possible way.

Delta Gym has been revered as a highly competent and respected competition association for over 20 years. A large number of top merited athletes have started their career at Delta. We are very proud of this and want to continue to encourage future talents within this sport.

The road to competition can be hard. Many questions can arise, both regarding the practical parts as well as the mental ones. This is why it’s important to have the support and guidance of experienced and talented people to help you thru the process.

Applications for Team Delta are sent to Applications are only accepted from active members at Delta Gym.

Everyone competing for Delta Gym receives benefits before competition time, such as solarium, team clothes and 50% off on supplements from Delta Nutrition and membership card at Delta Gym.

First price taker in the Swedish Championships wins products from Delta Nutrition at a value of 5 000 SEK.